Forms of Payment:

- *Personal check, from the registered owner

-  Cash

- *Debit / Credit Card

*Note: The State of Washington charges a fee for debit or credit card payments. An ATM is located in our office for your convenience. Some cards may not be accepted.

*A check from the registered owner, with matching address, and the correct registration amount,

may be accepted as proof of authorization to purchase current year license.

Others may renew tabs on behalf of the owner if they provide written authorization from the registered owner or the current year renewal notice.

All transactions require a valid Washington State Driver's License as identification.

If you need a valid Washington driver's license, contact one of our local offices.

Kent Driver's License

25410 74th Ave. South

Kent, WA 98032


North Bend Driver's License

402 Main Ave. South

North Bend, WA 98045