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Disabilities Plates and Placards

To qualify for a disabled person parking privilege, a person with disabilities, or an organization that transports people with disabilities, must meet the criteria outlined by the State of Washington on the Persons With Disabilities Application below:
Disabled Parking Applications Information

Learn how to apply for or renew a disability parking permit including vehicle placards, plates, decals, and tabs.

The Permanent Parking privilege must be renewed every five years and a new application and prescription signed by a doctor is required to renew.

If you’ve lost your plates, ID card, or placard, you need to fill out the disabled parking replacement form and bring it to our office.


Individuals who qualify for permanent disability parking privileges are entitled to receive up to two privileges. See Qualifications on the application. They have the following choices:

  • One placard (a single privilege), or
  • Two placards (two privileges), or
  • One set of disability license plates or a DP tab (a single privilege), or
  • One set of disability license plates or a DP tab and one placard (two privileges).

Note: The disability parking emblem, or DP tab, is the same privilege as a DP license plate. A customer cannot have a DP plate on one vehicle and a DP tab on another.

License tabs must be renewed annually, as with any other vehicle registration, to remain valid. The is a fee for a disabled person plate. There is no fee for a disabled person’s placard.

Temporary Parking Permits are valid for 1 to 12 months, as indicated on the application by your physician.

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