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Additional licensing information can be found through the following links.

Online Internet Payment
Special Plates
Licensing Offices
Drivers License
King County Licensing
Vehicle Emission Inspection
Department of Revenue
Washington State Patrol
Regional Transit Authority
DOL Forms:
Kelley Blue Book
NADA Guide
    - buy tabs on line, change address or enter a seller's report
    - personalized and special-design plates
    - locations in King County
    - all questions regarding vehicles and vessels
    - new license, renewals, lost or stolen license
    - includes list of various licensing offices
    - emission hours and locations
    - sales and use tax explanations plus licensing FORMS
    - VIN inspections
    - Do I need to pay this tax?
    - various forms for Department of Licensing transactions
    - retail value of used vehicles
    - retail value of used vehicles
    - retail value of used vehicles